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At REI Marketing Pro, we’re passionate about helping you find the right tools to grow your real estate investor business and improve seller lead generation. We use these tools for our clients, and they are satisfied with them!
Here are the best tools on the market and some excellent referral links to get you a better deal!
Real Estate List Pulling

Trusted Tools & Resources:

We have carefully checked each product, service, and piece of software on this page. We use these tools a lot and recommend them with confidence.
We use them in our own REI Marketing Pro Agency. We will never recommend anything we haven’t used or checked by our team.
We have carefully checked each product, service, and piece of software on this page. We use these tools a lot and recommend them with confidence.
Want explosive lead generation with texting? Launch Control is the texting solution built for REI. They handle compliance headaches and get you started fast. We’re experts in REI texting and Launch Control. Generate high-converting leads with Launch Control – the #1 choice for real estate wholesalers & flippers.
Dead-end leads got you down? DirectSkip is your secret weapon for hidden seller contact info! Find phone numbers for motivated sellers you won’t find anywhere else. Use my link for a good deal & lower pricing (just 10-20 cents per lead!). Stop chasing shadows and start closing deals with DirectSkip.
Tired of messy lead lists? Batchleads lets you pull, stack, sort, and organize your leads like a pro. The cleaner your stacks, the more deals you unlock. Batchleads also offers texting tools and other data management magic for REI marketing.
Messy leads killing deals? REI Sift cleans, organizes, and opens the goldmine in your leads. Find motivated sellers faster with smarter list stacking and automated updates. Try REI Sift with our link and see the difference – say goodbye to wasted marketing dollars!

PropertyRadar simplifies your property search with powerful list-building tools that make finding ideal properties faster and simpler, from location and price to vacant status. You can save time and effort while connecting with sellers ready to make deals.

Skip tracing overwhelm? BatchSkipTracing helps you to find the missing seller’s contact info in BULK! Stop chasing leads one by one. Upload your list and get results for your contact info fast. Try BatchSkipTracing with our link and unlock hidden seller goldmines – close more deals and save more time!
Sick of juggling lists and dialers? BatchDialer puts everything in ONE place! Call, manage & close deals with ease. Try BatchDialer with our link for a smooth workflow – save time and convert more leads!
Skip the cold-calling struggle! Readymode is the leading cold-calling dialer for real estate investors. Maximize productivity & close more deals with features like smart dialing and lead prioritization. Try Readymode with our link for a calling revolution – dominate your market faster!
Stop guessing which ads bring hot leads! CallRail tracks calls & web forms, revealing your marketing’s ROI. Optimize campaigns & ditch the duds. Try CallRail with our link – see what works and close more deals!