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Real Estate Social Media Manager

Social media plays an integral part in real estate agents’ jobs today. They use it to connect with prospective customers, showcase listings, and establish themselves as experts in their field. However, managing various social media sites can be time-consuming—hire our real estate social media management agency to handle all social media tasks and give you more time to sell homes!

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Real Estate Social Media Management Agency

REI Marketing Pro understands the specific problems real estate agents have when doing social media marketing. Our team of professional social media managers and content creators specializes in developing customized plans to assist real estate agents in standing out in a competitive market. From creating captivating content to managing paid advertising campaigns, we provide a full range of social media services for REI businesses to increase interaction, generate leads, and, ultimately, increase sales.

Real Estate Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management
Consistency is key when building an impactful social media presence. Our real estate social media managers specialize in handling your details—content creation, scheduling, posting, and engagement. Let us develop a content calendar specific to your brand, create visually appealing posts, and engage with your target audience across multiple platforms, allowing you to focus on selling real estate!
Social Media Paid Advertising

In addition to organic reach, our REI social media services include pay-per-click (PPC) to put your listings and brand in front of target audiences. We create captivating ad copy, identify demographics, and optimize for maximum return on investment. Our team develops and executes targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn so your marketing dollars are spent wisely with measurable returns on investment.

Social Media Branding
Your brand is at the core of your online presence. Our real estate social media services help you create and maintain a remarkable identity across all social media channels. From crafting compelling bios and profiles to designing unique graphics with consistent color palettes or providing custom illustrations, we aim to ensure your social media stands out and connects with its target audience.
Real Estate Facebook Marketing
With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is still an excellent tool for real estate marketing. Our Facebook techniques include optimizing pages, sharing relevant and engaging content, and utilizing targeted advertising to generate leads and sales opportunities. Furthermore, we have integrated Facebook Pixel to measure campaign success more precisely.
Real Estate Instagram Marketing
With its visual nature, Instagram is the ideal platform to showcase listings and connect with potential buyers directly. Our team will produce stunning visual content like stories or reels and utilize popular hashtags to expand your following and attract potential clients.
Real Estate LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn provides real estate agents with a unique networking opportunity, connecting them with industry professionals, sharing thought leadership content, and building valuable business relationships. Our real estate social media manager optimizes your LinkedIn presence to position you as an authority figure within the real estate industry

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Benefits of Real Estate Social Media Management

REI Marketing Pro real estate social media management services will bring many advantages.
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Brand Awareness and Visibility

Our social media management for real estate agents may help you establish your industry authority, grow your reach, and increase brand recognition.
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Consistent and Professional Online Presence

When our real estate social media marketing agency team is behind your brand, it will stay professional and consistent with its branding and values.
Landing Page Optimization for PPC Management

Lead Generation and Sales Opportunities

Our real estate social media management strategies are designed to generate qualified leads and drive sales opportunities for real estate businesses using targeted advertisements and engaging content.
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Stay Top-of-Mind

Don't be a forgotten name! When a buyer or seller decides to move, REI Marketing Pro's real estate social media management team helps you stay at the top of the client's mind. When you collaborate with us, your real estate company will grow.
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Save Time and Resources

Managing various social media accounts can take a lot of time. If you hire our real estate social media manager team to manage these accounts, you'll have more time for important things like meeting with clients or closing deals.
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Analytical Insights and Reporting

Our regular reports and analytics provide insightful information on your audience participation, social media performance, and campaign success. These results will guide our decisions and help us to develop methods as needed, ensuring ongoing success with the highest possible return on investment.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Packages

REI Marketing Pro team knows that every real estate business has different needs and budgets. That is why we provide flexible real estate social media marketing packages for each business. Our service is adapted to your budget and objectives, whether you are a big broker firm, a small team, or a single agent.
Our real estate social media marketing packages include paid advertising, analytics reporting, content production, social media management and other services. We will analyze your real estate business objectives and design a customized approach for your budget.
Silver Social PlanGold Social PlanDiamond Social Plan
ImageImages/VideoImages + Videos
Facebook & InstagramInstagram & TikTokAny 3 Platforms
10 Posts Per Month12 Posts Per Month20 Posts Per Month
Content Creation for SMMContent Creation for SMMContent Creation for SMM
Social Media Calendar OrganizationSocial Media Calendar OrganizationSocial Media Calendar Organization
Social Media AdsSocial Media AdsSocial Media Ads
Page Monitoring & ReportingPage Monitoring & ReportingPage Monitoring & Reporting
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How Can A Real Estate Social Media Manager Help You?

Whatever your business objectives are lead generation, brand exposure, or listing display. REI Marketing Pro real estate social media management team will create a complete plan for your business needs. Our industry best practices and data-driven methods will bring the maximum return on investment.
Effective social media marketing requires an understanding of your target audience. Our real estate social media management team will conduct an in-depth analysis to determine your platforms, preferences, and ideal clients. This information will help us create content and develop advertising plans to ensure the right people see your ad.
Let’s suppose you already have a social media presence. In such a situation, our real estate social media management team will conduct a detailed audit to identify areas for improvement, identify missed opportunities, and find ways to fulfill business goals better.
We’ll ensure your social media channels are set up to effectively attract and engage home buyers or sellers. Our real estate social media optimization service includes writing engaging descriptions and profiles and optimizing your social media pages for search engines.
Your brand’s style and personality are very important for connecting with your audience. Our real estate social media management team will help you create a consistent brand image that speaks to your ideal customers and makes you stand out from others in the real estate field.
Though it may seem appealing to be active on all social media sites, focusing on a few key channels is usually better. Our team will help you determine which platforms will help your business the most and then create custom plans to make the most of those platforms.

How Abode Home Buyers Generated 205 Real Estate Investor Leads

REI Marketing Pro worked with many clients and was proud to show them real results. We had a lot of success with Abode Home Buyers, a real estate investment business company in Utah.
Cost Advantages of SMS Marketing

Abode Home Buyers came to us because they needed help getting regular real estate investment business leads. Although they were on social media, they needed a strategic plan for using these platforms to generate leads.

Our team did a full social media marketing audit and devised a plan focused on Facebook and LinkedIn. We made a content calendar for Abode Home Buyers with informative content, property showcases, and industry news that would appeal to home buyers and sellers.

Our paid advertising campaigns on both platforms used advanced targeting to ensure the ads reached the right people and organic content. Based on performance data, our team kept tweaking these efforts’ targeting, ad creative, and messaging to get the best results.

The outcomes were amazing. In the first half of our partnership, our social media efforts produced 205 qualifying leads for Abode Home Buyers, which is a big improvement over their previous efforts. These leads resulted in fresh business prospects and contributed to Abode Home Buyers’ reputation as a reliable authority in the real estate investing field.

What Clients Say About Our Social Media Marketing Agency

At REI Marketing Pro, we’re very proud of our client’s success and the strong bonds we’ve formed with them. Our happy clients have said some nice things about our real estate social media marketing services.
“As a busy real estate agent, managing social media was always a challenge for me. REI Marketing Pro took that burden off my shoulders and delivered incredible results. Their team is creative, proactive, and always ahead of the curve when it comes to social media trends and best practices. I highly recommend their services to any real estate professional looking to take their business to the next level.”

Why Choose REI Marketing Pro As Your Real Estate Social Media Company

REI Marketing Pro stands out from its competition when selecting a social media company for real estate businesses by several key features that set us apart.

Industry Expertise

Our real estate social media professionals have vast industry knowledge and experience. They have an in-depth understanding of its unique marketing challenges and opportunities. Rather than applying one solution across all real estate sectors, our strategies are custom-tailored for maximum relevance and effectiveness.

Data-Driven Approach

At REI Marketing Pro, our approach to decision-making is data-driven. Our real estate social media team regularly assesses key metrics like engagement rates, audience demographics, and campaign performance to improve strategies and guarantee that we deliver the best results for your business.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Social media is constantly changing, and we take great pride in staying current on its trends with best practices. Our social media team stays informed with the newest strategies, tools, and best practices so your social media presence stays engaging, fresh, and effective.

Comprehensive Services

We provide REI social media services, from content creation and management through paid ads to branding strategies. Our comprehensive approach ensures a uniform online presence across platforms, maximizing your brand's visibility and impact.

Transparent Communication

REI Marketing Pro prioritizes open and honest communication with clients. We will deliver regular reports detailing the progress and performance of your social media campaigns. We are available 24/7 to solve issues, questions, or concerns.

Proven Track Record

Our portfolio speaks for itself. Our real estate social media marketing strategies have assisted multiple real estate professionals and businesses in achieving remarkable success. From increasing brand recognition and engagement to generating qualified leads through paid ads, our track record displays our ability to produce tangible results.

Grow Your Real Estate Business With REI Marketing Pro

Partnering with REI Marketing Pro means gaining a dedicated team of social media experts who will work to help you achieve your real estate business goals. Whether you’re a professional agent or a new brokerage, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to elevate your online presence, generate quality leads, and establish your brand as a trusted authority in the industry.

Take advantage of social media’s countless opportunities for real estate success. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how our tailored social media marketing strategies can take your business to new heights.