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Best Practices For Texting Real Estate Leads

Almost 98% of people worldwide use smartphones, and the average rate of reading a person’s text is within five minutes of the text being sent. Therefore, text marketing is a best practice for promoting and advertising.

Keeping that in mind, real estate businesses take text marketing very seriously because it is practical, simple, easy, and has a higher chance of interacting with people to close more deals. However, they don’t realize the importance of how a text should be sent.

Therefore, it doesn’t create an impact. To overcome this challenge, we’ve designed essential and valuable best practices for text message marketing.

The Importance of Real Estate Follow-up Text Message

Cold texting real estate is essential for connecting with potential buyers and dealers. A well-timed and relevant real estate follow-up text message can keep your leads engaged.

It further reminds them of crucial occasions like open houses, and provide them with additional records that can assist them in making informed decisions.

Real estate texts ensure that your leads feel valued and supported during their buying or promoting journey, increasing the probability of a successful transaction.


Text Message Marketing Best Practices

In the real estate text world, the most important thing is to have the consent of the audience to whom you are sending the texts. Obtaining consent will maintain transparency and trust.

It further provides the security of communication among the people and will be secure and confidential. REI Marketing Pro considers gaining consent from the audience prior to sending texts to make them professional and worthy.

Ready to build a compliant and engaged audience?

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The lead text you are willing to send for real estate leads should be simple and unique and include relevant details to make it professional. The message will represent your business, deals, and willingness to help the leads promptly. Additionally, it is a good idea to make the message sound authentic.

We treat our customers as different individuals, keep the conversation with them based on their preferences, and play an essential role in ensuring their safety.

In your lead text first message to your real estate lead, introduce yourself and mention the lead you follow. Make a good greeting with the person to ensure trust, and then convey your message.

Including an attractive question statement that catches the reader’s attention is also a good practice. REI Marketing Pro doesn’t send automated messages. But we keep it humane and professional to enable trust and respect for our customers’ choices.

One of the best real estate text message ideas is to keep the message concise, simple, and easy to read for the real estate leads. Complex and lengthy messages are difficult to understand and lose their essence, making it hard to gain attention.
In text messaging marketing, the highest failure rates occur when you send messages in bulk to the audience, which can be a headache. Maintaining a frequency when sending texts and waiting for a response is better.
It is essential to check your tone in the text message. It should neither be too friendly nor professional, yet maintain a middle line between them. Maintain a balance between them so your message provides healthy and positive vibes and attracts your reader’s attention, causing them to contact you and close the deal.

Another good practice is to stay conversational in your text message, which helps you expect a response from your audience. Add a closing question or call to action to attract your customers and engage with you.

REI Marketing Pro text message marketing keeps the conversation friendly and respectful to ensure trust, transparency, and respect for your customers. It provides several real estate text message ideas to enhance productivity.


Text message marketing is a practical approach for real estate corporations. It offers a quick and private way to connect with potential buyers and sellers. Following text message marketing best practices could enhance client engagement and drive transactions.

At REI Marketing Pro, we provide techniques to maximize cold texting real estate lead follow-up and income efforts. Ready to elevate your text marketing? Visit REI Marketing Pro to analyze more.


Yes, SMS advertising is considered a high-quality exercise in real estate because of its excessive open rates and immediate verbal exchange with clients.
Yes, following text message best practices can generate more excellent leads by ensuring relevant, timely, and engaging messages for the audience.
In the event that real estate leads remain unresponsive, you must follow up with them every few days, then weekly, and finally bi-weekly.
It relies upon the lead’s desire, but generally, a combination of both calling and texting is powerful for attaining and engaging actual estate leads.
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