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Steps of Real Estate SMS Marketing

Steps Involved in Efficient Real Estate SMS Marketing

Do you need help finding potential buyers who could purchase your houses at a reasonable cost without any hassle? Several methods, from unpaid to paid, are used to advertise your real estate business, such as email marketing, cold calling, etc. Real estate SMS marketing is your one-hand solution to get reliable clients to sell your land. This blog will explain why SMS marketing is easy, user-friendly, and efficient. It will further discuss its benefits, the steps in text messaging, and the role of REI marketing pro.

Why is real estate SMS marketing so popular?

In this tech era, where everything is just a click away, people want innovative options for dealing with daily life issues. Customers, brokers, and businesses constantly seek smart, reliable choices that reduce stress. In a joint study, it was found that almost 64.4 billion people in the world have smartphones, and nearly 65% of businesses are carried out online.

Real estate SMS marketing sends personalized messages about new property listings, open house invitations, price updates, etc., to a segmented audience through text channels. SMS allows us to reach clients, as they have an incredibly high opening rate, and text messaging is immediate.

SMS marketing is cheap and effective. It creates high engagement with the recipient and enables bespoke communication. This can help real estate professionals build closer relationships with their subscribers while improving their marketing endeavors.

After we’ve understood the basics of SMS marketing in real estate, let’s delve into its advantages, which will prove why texting is efficient, competent, time-saving, and reliable.
SMS marketing for realtors is inexpensive and time-saving. It requires a minimum amount to send a text to the targeted audience from the database, allowing you to send the message to a group of clients simultaneously.
Real estate text messaging enables privacy and keeps the conversation confidential to maintain the transparency of the communication. Several dedicated platforms are sent to send the text to the audience that has opted in to proceed with the offer.
SMS marketing platforms enable automated and scheduled messaging, freeing agents to plan a successful campaign without real-time manual execution.
As long as you have proper consent and observe regulations, SMS messaging is one way to reach your customers without infringing on their privacy or trust.
SMS messages have an incredibly high open rate of about 98% compared to emails. This is a significant way to facilitate the delivery of marketing messages to potential clients.

Difference between real estate SMS marketing and other marketing

There is a common question asked why SMS marketing is more suitable and has significant advantages over other marketing mediums such as social marketing, email marketing, etc. To solve this, we have discussed a clear difference that shows why texting in real estate is better than other options.
FeatureReal Estate SMS MarketingEmail MarketingSocial Media MarketingTraditional Advertising
Open RatesInstantIt can be delayed (depending on the recipientInstant, but dependent on user activityScheduled based on ad slots and circulation
Speed of DeliveryInstantIt can be delayed (depending on the recipientInstant, but dependent on user activityScheduled based on ad slots and circulation
PersonalizationHigh – Direct and personalHigh – Can be personalized but less immediateMedium – Personalized but more publicLow – Broad and generalized
Cost-effectivenessHigh – Quick responses and actionsMedium – Lower response ratesVariable – Can be high with good contentGenerally low, hard to track
Target CapabilitiesLow cost with high ROILow to medium-costVariable – Can be low-cost or expensiveHigh cost
AutomationHigh – Can be very specific and segmentedHigh – Can target particular segmentsHigh – Can target particular demographicsLow – Broad Targeting
InteractivityHigh – Can schedule and automate messagesHigh – Can automate with toolsMedium – Automation tools availableLow – Requires manual scheduling and placement
Tracking and AnalyticsHigh – Links to listings, virtual tourMedium – Can include links and mediaHigh – Engages with comments, shares, and likesLow – One-way communication
Regulatory ComplianceHigh – Detailed metrics on delivery, opensHigh – Detailed metrics on opens, clicksHigh – Detailed metrics on engagementMedium – Limited metrics available
ReachRequires consent and adherence to regulationsRequires consent and adherence to regulationsPlatform-specific regulations and guidelinesGoverned by industry standards and regulations
Engagement RateLimited to phone numbers of opted-in clientsBroad reach with email subscribersPotentially very wide with followers and adsBroad reach but depends on medium and audience

Common examples of mobile marketing

Every real estate company uses different channels to send text to its targeted audience. They have defined norms, genres, and tactics for reaching out to the audience to upsell the land. However, REI Marketing Pro uses software that allows us to opt in and send messages only to the audience who have already reached out without deliberately sending them to everyone. These real estate text messaging software are smarter contact and launch control, and they help us build trust and transparency with our customers.

Real estate text messages have different formats, tones, and structures for sending them to clients; here are two simple examples that show the message’s tone, structure, and format.

Steps involved in real estate text messaging

A general and standard pattern must be followed to develop intelligent and effective estate messages that capture attention, convert attention into deals, make clients happy, and stimulate productivity. For this purpose, we have designed some vital steps to engage customers and lock in more deals.
Steps Involved in Real Estate SMS Marketing

Step 1: Detailed Research and Analysis

The first and foremost duty to get potential buyers is for a website to specify its customers and make a targeted audience. This segmented audience should be made depending on the:
Once you’ve completed your search, you can specify the audience or customers who might be willing to contact you to buy the houses. One important measure should be taken once you start sending the text. You must create a database and prepare its backup to avoid mishaps and only focus on such designated people.

Step 2: Keeping track and record

Once the audience has been specified, the next step is to track and record the conversations to understand people’s preferences better when purchasing houses. This undermines the expected responses, major scenarios, and price ranges to make it convenient and easy to track in the future. The list should include the customers who have yet to respond, with fewer responses, and high-profile customers who are most interested. This would be useful during texting and wouldn’t overburden the customers with irrelevant messaging.

Step 3: Choose a text message platform

Selecting a text messaging platform is an essential step in real estate texting that provides you with the tools needed to organize and carry out your SMS marketing campaigns effectively. Find apps with crucial features like automation (send messages based on timing or events) so you can better spend your time elsewhere and always send the right message at the right time. You also want to ensure it has scheduling capabilities that allow you to always complete all of your messages in advance and send them at the right time for their optimum impact.

Step 4: Linking and monitoring

Adding links to your real estate SMS helps boost their effectiveness because it is more accessible for people who receive these texts to access more information. Create messages with relevant property links, virtual tours, and images to ensure the links are mobile-friendly and efficient for easy user use.

Once you send out these enriched messages, the following key is to watch for questions and RESPOND QUICKLY. Staying on top of responses ensures that you are in total control over conversations. You can provide follow-ups as needed, answer doubts at the right time, and lead to good customer service, which can tip the scales from leads into solid potential clients.

Step 5: Ensure Compliance

Compliance is one of the central components of sincerity in real estate marketing due to legal regulations mandated by law and industry standards that aim to protect your business and clients. At its core, compliance is having the explicit consent of recipients to send them real estate marketing messages and validating that they have expressly signed up for your communications. Every message should also include an easy way for recipients to opt out of further texts if they no longer want them.

Effective tips for real estate texts

Here are some productive go-to points during SMS marketing for real estate. These are:

How is REI Marketing Pro helping in this regard?

REI Marketing Pro capitalizes on the high open rate of text messages to assist its real estate investor clients in closing more deals by providing SMS marketing and other related services that allow them to reach out effectively. They drop in SMS marketing tools, build campaigns and responses, and push hot leads to CRM for fast follow-up. Real estate investors can benefit from their rapid updates on properties and appointment reminders, allowing them to reconnect with clients and close the deal sooner.


Real estate SMS marketing is a highly effective means of communication for real estate industry, with an engagement level not matched by any other form or medium. This is where the power of SMS marketing comes in. By messaging potential buyers, you get to market your product personally.

REI Marketing Pro stands out in this department, offering full-service SMS marketing services that help real estate investors get their deals done faster. REI Marketing Pro comes with automation, scheduling, and analytics features so that your messages can go out timely, are relevant to the market, and are compliant with whatever regulations you have. Why not bring your real estate business to the next phase by leveraging REI Marketing Pro’s specialization and skills?

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