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How To Use SMS Marketing as a Real Estate Investor

If you want to grow in a real estate business, real estate investors should know how to find potential sellers. You can’t generate quality leads only using traditional methods. That’s why SMS marketing helps you to connect directly with potential sellers and close deals. We know that 95% of the population in the United States have mobile phones, and SMS marketing for real estate investors is the best way of communication. With SMS marketing, you can connect with homeowners, track leads faster, and close more deals. REI Marketing Pro will explain the pros and cons of SMS marketing for real estate investors. Guide you about how to use text messages throughout your marketing funnel and optimize SMS strategy.

How To Use SMS Marketing as a Real Estate Investor

Pros of SMS Marketing for Real Estate Investors

SMS marketing provides several advantages over other forms of lead generation for real estate:

High Open and Response Rates

Research shows that text messages usually have an average open rate of 90%, compared to emails, which range between 20-30%. People are likely to respond to a text within minutes they might not even open their email for days. REI Marketing Pro SMS marketing services makes it easier to reach out and communicate with prospective buyers quickly.

Ability to Reach People Anytime

On the other hand, unlike cold calling, text messages can be read anytime even when prospects are busy, in a meeting, or not near their computers. Homeowners are even more likely to have their cell phones to check emails occasionally, so you’re more likely to get your message across immediately.

Personal Touch

Text messages are more likely to be considered personalized than emails that lack emotional connection. When a person gets a message on their phone, it feels like you’re trying to reach them specifically rather than executing a marketing campaign with many other customers. This increases the level of customer commitment and loyalty towards your brand.

Data Tracking Capabilities

The most interesting thing is that you can find out who has opened and reacted to your SMS campaign. Enables you to contact those who show interest quickly and optimize future campaigns based on analytics. You are well aware of how leads engage, while there is no such information in the case of an email.
Pros of SMS Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Cons of SMS Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Potential for Spam Complaints

When you send too many messages or don’t allow them to opt-in/opt-out, there is always a risk that people receiving them will simply report your number as spam. You must require careful management with frequency should be chosen wisely and always respect unsubscribe requests.

Require Leads with Mobile Numbers

To execute an SMS campaign, we need mobile numbers and a database of real estate leads. Many real estate investor lists do not contain such detailed information, so your audience will be limited. We also provide list pulling and management services to fix this gap.

SMS Character Limitations

SMS marketing has limitations, such as a single text message with only 160 characters. Your text must be brief and clear rather than lengthy marketing content. The messages have to be strong enough to engage clients under these limitations at the same time.

Smartphone Dependence

The number of people owning cell phones is large, but not all users are smartphone owners who can view multimedia attachments. The best choice is the SMS for cases where content is brief, based on plain text and not visual media.
After analyzing the pros and cons, SMS can be seen as an effective approach for real estate investors to have immediate contact with potential sellers. Once you have a strategic plan and taken preventive measures against possible problems, text marketing has the potential to generate mass leads.
How to use SMS Marketing as a Real Estate Investor

Ways To Use SMS Marketing as a Real Estate Investor

There are ways throughout the home selling process where real estate investors can effectively engage with homeowners using SMS marketing:

Onboarding New Leads

To capture the contact details of prospective leads, it is advantageous to ask for their mobile number as this will enable you to connect with them immediately through a personalized welcome text message. This introductory text builds a personal relationship and sets the foundation for further communications. With a quick SMS response, real estate investors can create a friendly and personal connection right at the start, potentially encouraging more conversations and boosting conversion rates.

Following Up on Showings/Open Houses

One of the effective ways to make a lasting impression on property viewing or open house participants is by sending them a thank-you message through text, showing gratitude for their presence, and welcoming their inquiries on additional assistance. In addition, taking specific measures like delivering a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) assists interested buyers in moving deeper into the sales funnel. These proactive steps via SMS lead to higher engagement and customer satisfaction levels, consequently making the possibility of successful sales even more solid.

Re engage With Past Inquiries Using SMS Marketing

To reconnect with old leads who had shown interest but did not make a purchase. Real estate text marketing is one way to communicate with potential leads and check the status of their housing needs. Additionally, sending out limited-time promotions or other incentives through SMS can help restore their interest and engagement with the real estate investor. These targeted efforts over SMS provide an excellent chance to revive dormant leads and hopefully transform them into committed prospects.

Finding Cash Home Buyers

One strategy that can work out well is to geo-target certain areas with SMS ads that offer easy cash solutions for homeowners who want to sell. Real estate investors provide contact information in the message and can instantly connect with potential cash buyers and address their needs directly. SMS marketing helps ensure the effectiveness of lead generation. It indicates how a company or a particular person is willing to be proactive and consumer-oriented regarding the individual requirements of a cash sale recipient.

Remarketing to Farm Areas

Using revisits to past addresses and following up with SMS invitations to open houses or introducing new programs can gain interest and re-engage homeowners in farm areas. Real estate investors can send effective messages on time and with relevance through SMS marketing.

Property Alerts for New Listings

The ability to automatically send property alerts via SMS marketing when any property matches buyer criteria. By giving insights into new listings using personalized text messages, real estate investors can keep their brand on top when customers are actually ready for purchase. Continuing this engagement through SMS marketing guarantees that potential buyers do not miss out on the right opportunity to find a home.

Tips on SMS Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Tips on SMS Marketing for Real Estate Investors
With the full realization of how much SMS marketing for real estate will be beneficial. We should now explore some useful tips to ensure successful implementation.

Create Automated Message Sequence for House Seller Leads

The best way to improve the communication process with house seller leads would be to have an automated message sequence. An automated system should be developed at various stages to keep the homeowner engaged. Components of an automated system may involve welcome, follow-up, referral, and reactivation.

Increase Engagement Through Personalized Messaging

When we include the recipient’s name, important property details, or a personalized offer that speaks directly to them, we establish a connection and create an opportunity to increase engagement.

Optimize SMS Frequency for Positive Engagement

To prevent your messages from being marked as spam, sending one SMS every 7-10 days is ideal. Additionally, it is important to honor opt-out requests and avoid re-adding blocked numbers immediately. Following a set schedule will ensure that your communications are received positively, helping to sustain your reputation with your audience.

Crafting Impactful SMS Messages within Character Limit

Creating SMS messages primarily aims to say what you want within 160 characters. Using powerful and precise language can attract readers without bothering them with big promotional ads or excess information. Leave some additional information like links or contact details for further discussions. In such a case, you can try short links that lead the reader to more detailed content, ensuring your messages are concise and straightforward.

Optimizing SMS Delivery Time for Better Response Rates

To increase the success rate of text messages, a test should be conducted during peak hours of 8-11 am and 4-6 pm on both weekdays and weekends, as these periods usually receive more attention. Do not disturb the recipient’s personal space, it is best to avoid sending SMS messages in the evenings and late at night.

Segment Recipient List for Relevancy

An effective personalization strategy is to adjust the messages by knowing what the receivers attribute, such as their location, previous preferences, and residential position, because it enhances value. Real estate investors can develop closely targeted campaigns that have a high potential of connecting with certain groups of buyers rather than resorting to general and inappropriate bulk marketing strategies.

Offer Multiple Opt-In for List Expansion

Multiple lead generation touchpoints facilitate consistent growth of your contact database because they will keep providing leads over time. For example, consider adding opt-in links on your website and distributing flyers and handouts at events for individuals interested in learning more about your real estate offerings.
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