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When Should I Use Real Estate SMS Marketing?

1. Best Times to Send Real Estate SMS Marketing

After sending thousands and thousands of SMS messages, we’ve analyzed the excellent time spent executing SMS marketing campaigns. Real estate SMS marketing is the best tool to connect with home buyers or sellers with personalized messages. The vast majority of people in the USA have cell phones, and SMS is one of the best communication channels due to its high open rate and personalized nature. When we compared email marketing with SMS marketing, SMS marketing beat the competition and reached 98% high open rates within a few minutes.

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2. Choosing the Right SMS Service Provider

For the successful implementation of real estate SMS marketing, the right SMS service provider is necessary. REI Marketing Pro experts suggest you choose Smarter Contact and Launch Control platforms.

We have mentioned some essential features of real estate SMS service providers:

Cost-effective and Flexible Pricing Plans

The SMS tool provider company should offer flexible pricing plans customized according to real estate professionals’ needs. They should provide scalable options to fulfill your growing business needs.

SMS Automation Features

Look for platforms that offer automated capabilities, including scheduled text messages and autoresponders, and make contact with segmentation. These tools let you deliver personalized and well-timed communications to your subscribers.

Personalization Options

The ability to customize your textual content messages with dynamic fields, including the recipient’s name or property details, can substantially increase the relevance and personalization of your campaigns.

Transparent Privacy Policies

Ensure that the SMS service provider has strong privacy rules to protect the personal data of your contact list and stick with applicable data privacy regulations.

Responsive Customer Support

Consider a provider that offers dependable and responsive customer support to assist you with any questions or issues while executing your SMS advertising campaigns.

Detailed Campaign Analytics

Look for a platform that offers comprehensive reporting and analytics. This will allow you to measure the performance of your SMS campaigns and continuously optimize your strategies.

Some legit real estate SMS marketing platforms to consider include Smarter Contact and Launch Control, which present a variety of capabilities and pricing options to suit the needs of real estate investors.

3. Selecting a Texting Number

When executing real estate SMS marketing campaigns, having a dedicated texting number is vital instead of using your private or workplace phone number. The dedicated number is helpful for several important purposes:


A dedicated number helps establish a professional and regular brand identity for your real estate business, setting apart your advertising communications from private conversations.


Many areas have policies governing the use of personal phone numbers for commercial purposes. A committed texting number and quantity ensure compliance and avoid potential issues.


As your real estate enterprise grows, a committed texting number lets you manage and track your SMS campaigns more correctly without distributing multiple private numbers.

There are two primary types of real estate business texting numbers to consider:

Local Numbers (10-digit Long Codes)

These are the most typically used texting numbers for real estate investors, as they appear more familiar and friendly to local contacts.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers are much less common in real estate, but they are helpful for businesses that serve a much broader geographic area or attract out-of-state customers. Regardless of the kind of number you pick, it’s essential to register the number with The Campaign Registry, a committed platform that ensures compliance with SMS marketing policies and best practices.

4. Preparing an Automated Welcome Text

When building your real estate SMS subscriber listing, you must set clear expectations and provide important information to your new subscribers. Automated welcome text can effectively serve this purpose.

The welcome text should be pleasant, concise, and informative, highlighting the benefits of subscribing to your SMS updates. This message must:

Set Clear Expectations

You should discuss what type of information the subscriber wants to receive, such as new property listings, open residence notifications, or market updates.

Provide Value to Subscribers

Offer an applicable incentive or piece of precious information to interact with the subscriber, consisting of a market report, a client’s manual, or a special offer.

Encourage Subscriber For Better Engagement

Include a call-to-action that encourages subscribers to reply, share their preferences, or take a specific action, along with a website visit, physical meeting, or session scheduling.

By crafting compelling and informative welcome text messages, you can set the tone in your ongoing SMS communications, build consideration with your subscribers, and lay the foundation for a successful actual estate SMS marketing campaign.

5. Building Your Subscriber List

Growing your real estate SMS subscriber list is critical for fulfilling your marketing efforts. Here are a few effective techniques to request both buyers and sellers to join your SMS updates:

Property Showings

When choosing text marketing for realtors, they should look for capabilities like list management, scheduling and automation, analytics and reporting, and interaction with CRM systems to ensure the platform meets their specific requirements.

Open Houses Events

Collect contact details from traffic at some point during your open house activities and invite them to subscribe to your SMS updates.

Online Lead Capture Forms

Integrate an option for SMS subscriptions in your website lead form, making it simple for interested people to opt in for your text message updates.

Referral Programs

Motivate your clients to refer their friends and family to your SMS list, leveraging the strength of word-of-mouth advertising and marketing.

Social Media

Promote your SMS subscription possibilities throughout your real estate social media channels, along with Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
Remember to continually obtain specific consent from your contacts before adding them to your SMS subscriber list and offering clear controls on how they can opt out of your communications at any time. This guarantees compliance with data privacy policies and builds trust and a positive relationship with your subscribe

6. Sending Relevant Property Information

One of the primary benefits of real estate SMS advertising is the capability to quickly and efficiently share well-timed information with your subscribers.

Share New Property Listings

Use text messages to share new property listings, together with key info and property images. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) should be extremely powerful for this cause, enabling you to send images and video content.

Notify Property Price Changes

Inform your subscribers of any price changes to properties they’ll be interested in, keeping them up to date at the neighborhood real property market.

Promote Open Houses

Use SMS to advertise your upcoming open house events, asset details, date, and time. Improve the message with MMS to consist of beautiful visuals.

By providing your subscribers with timely and relevant property information, you can establish yourself as a trusted and special resource, encouraging stronger relationships and increasing the chance of conversions.

7. Providing Excellent Customer Support

Real estate SMS marketing isn’t just about sending promotional messages, giving incredible customer support and nurturing essential connections with your customers. Pull the immediacy and personal nature of text messages to:

Answer Questions Immediately

Respond to your subscribers’ queries quickly and correctly through SMS, delivering the personalized attention they expect.

Send Appointment Reminders

Use automated text messages to remind your customers of upcoming appointments, open houses, or property showings, helping to facilitate no-physical showings and strengthen your relationship.

Follow Up Weekly

Maintain weekly contact with your customers via SMS, checking their desires, sharing appropriate property updates, and encouraging a sense of ongoing help.

By delivering top-notch customer support via your real estate SMS marketing efforts, you can build stronger relationships, improve consumer satisfaction, and boost the chance of referrals and repeat business.

8. Analyzing Campaign Data

To ensure the long-term success of your real estate SMS marketing campaigns, it’s critical to examine and analyze the overall performance statistics regularly. This data-driven method will assist you in discovering what is working, what needs to improve, and a way to optimize your strategies for higher results.

The most important factors to track and analyze include:

SMS Open Rates

Monitor the ratio of recipients who open your SMS messages, as this will indicate the relevance and engagement of your content material.

Click-Through Rates

Measure the number of subscribers who click on the calls-to-action or hyperlinks inside your text messages, presenting insights into their level of interest and engagement.

Unsubscribe Rates

Track the number of subscribers who opt out of your SMS list, and check the causes of any spikes in unsubscribes to address potential issues.

Conversion Rates

Analyze the wide range of subscribers who take the desired action, including scheduling a display, attending an open house, or contacting you directly.

Subscriber Growth

Monitor the growth of your SMS subscriber list over the years and use effective techniques to constantly expand your acquisition.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

When’s the best time to send real estate SMS marketing messages?

The best time to send real estate SMS marketing messages is 7 a.m., 12 p.m., or 7 p.m., ensuring maximum revenue per send. By targeting your audience at these times, you can reach them during their free time, lunch breaks, or as they’re relaxing at some point in the evening, when they may be most energetic and engaged.

What is the best day to send SMS marketing campaigns?

Text messages sent at the beginning and end of the week typically drive extra sales. Sundays see the best revenue per message, followed by Mondays and Fridays. However, if you’re focused on growing your click-through rate, it’s best to send on weekends.
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